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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Academy of Tribal & Local Government?

The Academy was started to fill a real need in Indian Country.  Over the past two decades we have heard tribal nations across the United States talk about very important issues:  

  1. How do we communicate with our employees so they understand who we are as tribal nations? 
  2. How do we educate state and local governments and get them to respect us as sovereign tribal governments and deal with us on a government-to-government basis?
  3. How do we better prepare our vendors and those who wish to do business with our tribal economic enterprises so they understand our history, culture and unique differences, and treat us as a tribal nation and not just another corporation?

The Academy of Tribal & Local Government advances productive relations between federally recognized tribal nations and local governments nationwide. Utilizing a stellar faculty with more than 200 years of real world and academic experience in Indian Country, our customized, cost-effective education programs are developed with long-term solutions in mind to serve the unique economic, social and cultural needs of these governments.

The Academy also serves Indian Country through comprehensive online training for vendors and service providers nationwide through its Vendor Certification Program.

What can the Academy do for my tribal government?

We believe there are three distinct issues tribes throughout Indian Country face nearly daily: the need to improve local government relations; the need to educate employees and tribal members; and the need to ensure the integrity of current and potential business partners and vendors.

The Academy of Tribal & Local Government offers solutions to all of these issues by offering fully customized training and education programs designed to help tribal governments foster productive long-term relationships with neighboring cities and towns as well as state and federal governments to help them operate more efficiently and in the best interest of their respective communities.

The Academy also focuses on the importance of internal communications by helping create productive and respectful environments for both tribal members and employees.

Tribal employees are valuable ambassadors for tribal nations - - we train your employees to comfortably inform customers about your tribe, its history and culture, and your efforts to work with and give back to local communities.

What can the Academy do for local and state governments?

With more than 560 federally recognized tribal governments in the United States, Native Americans have become significant players in local, regional and national business, economic development, politics and public policy. Sadly, there remains great misunderstanding among municipalities, county and state governments nationwide about tribal governments, their sovereign status, and their unique relationship with the federal government.

The Academy of Tribal & Local Government educates local and state governments and their employees through full and half-day training seminars examining a wide range of Native American issues and emphasizing strategies to foster strong relations with neighboring tribal nations.

Our Local & State Government programs are a smart investment: working closely with tribal governments presents unique economic and public service opportunities for the greater community. Our experienced faculty explores the many ways in which forming respectful relationships with tribal governments can play an important role in creating positive long-term civic and economic investment in neighboring communities.

How are you different from other training programs?

The Academy presents a one-of-a-kind educational experience for tribal, local and state governments:

  • Experience – More than 200 years of combined real world and academic experience in Indian Country and local, state and federal government
  • Innovative Curriculum – A unique mix of studies, including intergovernmental relations, Indian law, economic development, business, organizational management, history and culture, and much more
  • Mobility – We bring our customized programs directly to tribal and local governments nationwide; reservation or city hall, we come to you
  • Customized - Specially tailored programs addressing local and regional issues to meet your government’s specific needs
  • Respected Faculty – Nationally-known leaders in business, government and public policy, Native American studies, Indian law, management and other disciplines
  • Accessibility – Special lectures, articles, research and other supporting materials are available online at
  • A Good Investment – We deliver impactful and useful program packages that work within your budgetary guidelines
  • Cost-Effective - Our programs keep employees and/or tribal members alike at the office or reservation, dramatically reducing lost valuable employee production due to travel, etc. related to other training programs

Who will be teaching our customized program?

Our unrivaled faculty is rapidly expanding and includes business leaders, legal minds, academics and other experts with more than 200 years of collective experience in Indian Country. Many on our faculty are Native Americans, and most have direct experience in Indian Country. Our faculty presents often complex issues into a concise and engaging format to provide our clients with invaluable insight into productive intergovernmental communication and working relationships.  

The beauty of our program is the unique and unrivaled mix of our faculty’s real world and academic expertise that is combined to create a truly ideal learning experience for program participants. Check out our growing faculty at

How much does your program cost?

There has never been a better time to make a prudent investment in education.  We bring our world class faculty to you to discuss the unique issues facing your tribe and to provide sound solutions.  We understand that not all tribes are the same; all of our programs are customized to address your unique needs. There is no “cookie cutter” approach that you see with so many other programs.  

Our program packages also are tailored specifically to your government’s budgetary guidelines. We bring these programs directly to reservations, city halls and state capitals across the country, helping governments realize dramatic savings in travel, lodging and other related expenses.

Your investment will yield practical advice and solutions that can be implemented immediately. 

What is the Vendor Certification Program?

The Vendor Certification Program provides online training for vendors and businesses seeking to work with tribal governments. The program offers vendors an overview and training in Native American affairs, tribal government, sovereignty, Indian law, cultural sensitivity and more.  

Our six-course program trains vendors in a number of important areas to help them better understand the unique status of sovereign tribal governments and to be respectful and forthright long-term partners.  

The program has been designed for the busy executive or business owner who does not have a lot of time but will invest in this program to maximize efficiencies and gain a better understanding of working with tribal nations.

Your Vendor Certification Program sounds great. What else can you offer them?  Will it help them obtain their casino licenses?

Each tribal government has its own licensing system and process. While our program may not have a direct impact on that process, it will help assure tribes that they are dealing with a business or vendor that is legitimate and also certified in important knowledge and training about tribal governments and tribal economic enterprises.
Does the Academy guarantee work for businesses that complete the Vendor Certification Program?

While we cannot guarantee business relationships with tribal governments, certification through the Academy will give your business an advantage over your competition and greatly enhance your profile throughout Indian Country.

Can you get college credit for this? 

Not at this time.  We do hope to work with colleges in the future on creating a college credit program.