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Deron Marquez – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer | | |

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Deron Marquez – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Deron Marquez served as chairman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians from 1999 through April, 2006.

In addition to leading the seven-member San Manuel Business Committee, Mr. Marquez was instrumental in designing and directing a forward looking agenda of social, economic and governance development for the tribal government and community.


Under Mr. Marquez’s leadership, the San Manuel Band entered into a number of successful business ventures with the goal of securing critical long-term tribal government revenues well into the future.

 He also oversaw efforts to enhance and strengthen his Tribe’s overall governance capabilities, institute critical public services for tribal members, and solidify intergovernmental relations at the local, state and national levels under his leadership.  

He is a nationally-recognized speaker and lecturer on such issues as economic development, tribal governance and tribal sovereignty.  

Mr. Marquez earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona, a Masters Degree in politics from Claremont Graduate University, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in public policy at Claremont Graduate University.