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Local Government Education Program

With more than 560 federally recognized tribal governments in the United States, Native Americans have become significant players in local, regional and national politics, business and policy. Needs-Assessement.png

The Academy of Tribal & Local Government educates local governments and their employees through full and half-day training seminars emphasizing strategies to foster strong relations with neighboring tribal nations.

Our Local Government programs are cost-effective: working closely with tribal governments presents unique economic and public service opportunities for your community. Forming respectful relationships with tribal governments are important civic and economic investments for your local government and communities.

Empowerment through Education

Our programs are comprehensive, informative and relevant to today’s local public policy landscape, exploring:

Politics and Public Policy Indian Law
Tribal Economies Native American History and Culture
Tribal Sovereignty Intergovernmental Services Agreements
Community Outreach Coalition Building

Our nationally-renown faculty, which includes public policy, business, economic and legal experts, is adept at tackling complex issues.  We give you a national historical perspective while also providing solutions to the issues facing your city, township, county or parish.

We are mobile: we bring your custom-designed courses and world-class faculty directly to you. Our goal is to create a comfortable and productive learning environment. Our seminars can also include valuable insight from local political, business and community leaders.

The Academy helps build bridges of understanding.

The Academy serves your unique needs by providing solutions to those issues your government faces today.

Our full and half-day seminar program packages include:

  • Pre-planning - initial consultation, specific program needs, materials review
  • Development of course topics, agenda, supporting materials
  • Logistics - location management, enrollment and registration, on-site coordination, faculty scheduling, and more
  • Location set-up, audio/video presentation equipment and materials

From coast to coast, the Academy provides a valuable service for local governments nationwide.

Contact us today for a personal one-on-one consultation.
The Academy is here to help make your city, township, county or parish government and your employees more effective and better informed.


Academy of Tribal & Local Government
6475 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, #170
Long Beach, CA 90803
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