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Dr. Richard Witmer

Richard-Witmer.jpgDr. Richard Witmer is Assistant Professor of Political Science
Creighton University
Dr. Witmer, joined the political science faculty at Creighton in 2004.  Dr. Witmer received his M.A. (1994) and PhD (1999) in political science from the University of Arizona.

He received his B.A. from Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA in 1988 with a major in History and a teaching certification in secondary social studies.

Dr. Witmer has teaching and research interests in American politics and American Indian politics and policy. Within American politics, he specializes in Congress, interest groups, voting and elections.  His interest in American Indian politics and policy includes the mobilization of Indian nations and voters, political incorporation, compacting policy, and tribal/federal and tribal/state relations.  Dr. Witmer’s work on American politics and American Indian politics has appeared in a number of professional journals including Political Research Quarterly, Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation, Social Science Journal, Red Ink, and the Journal of American Ethnic History.  His current research integrates theories of political incorporation with American Indian political participation.  

In his spare time, Dr. Witmer and his wife Dr. Erika Moreno enjoy running, biking and taking care of their three children.