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Deborah A. Painte

Deborah-Painte.jpgDeborah A. Painte  Director, Native American Training Institute (NATI) – 3333 E. Broadway, Suite 1210, Bismarck, ND 58501  February 2009 - Current.
As Director, I provide overall direction, administrative oversight and fiscal management for an inter-tribal non-profit organization that provides training and technical assistance in the areas of historical trauma, cultural competency, System of Care, wraparound process, foster parent training,


and tribal child welfare training for human service agencies, systems and individuals working with Native American and First Nation children, youth and families in the US and Canada. These duties include contract negotiations; program planning & budgeting; updating personnel policy & procedures; working with the NATI board to include coordinating board meetings, presenting board reports & keeping board informed of NATI activities as appropriate; strategic planning; social marketing; and supervision of NATI staff. I provide technical assistance for System of Care development, state-tribal relationship building, meeting facilitation, logic model development, Institutional Review Board (IRB) development, IRB training, grant writing, strategic planning, community development, community engagement, implementation strategies, program development and culturally-competent services for Native American populations.  I also serve as the NATI lead for three partnership initiatives to improve child welfare services through the Children’s Bureau Training & Technical Assistance (T/TA) Network, including the Western Workforce Development in partnership with the University of Denver; the Mt. & Plains Child Welfare Implementation Center (MPCWIC), in partnership with the University of TX, Center for CW and University of Denver, Butler Institute for Families; and the National Resource Center for Tribal Child Welfare in partnership with the Tribal Policy & Law Institute, the Indian Child & Family Resource Center and University of Denver Butler Institute for Families.  As NATI project lead, I provide organizational oversight for program evaluation,  contract negotiations, implementation & system change strategies, culturally competent tribal outreach, budget development, collaboration, and assist with work plan development and implementation.

Medicine Moon Initiative Project Director & NATI System of Care (SOC) Specialist – Native American Training Institute, 3333 E. Broadway, Suite 1210; Bismarck, ND 58501    October 2003 – Dec. 2009
Provided overall administration, supervision and oversight for the Medicine Moon Initiative (MMI), a five year child welfare infrastructure development and reform grant funded by the DHHS Children’s Bureau “Improving Child Welfare Outcomes through System of Care” initiative.  Developed a fiscal management process, administrative forms, and provided fiscal oversight for MMI budget, a $500,000 program budget.  Implemented a comprehensive strategic planning process for a child welfare led System of Care (SOC); assisted in the development of a local evaluation process for cultural competency and tribal child & family service review process, developed program logic model; assisted with implementation of a management information system for four tribal child welfare agencies; developed Memorandums of Agreements; developed contracts and secured technical assistance & training from external consultants to enhance child welfare services; provided consultation and guidance to tribal child welfare agencies and staff; provided IV-E child welfare financing technical assistance; developed financing strategies for ND tribal child welfare agencies; developed and drafted tribal IV-B Child & Family Service Plan, updated & drafted tribal Annual Progress & Services Report Plan for IV-B and worked collaboratively with key stakeholder agencies; and provided MMI program presentations.  As NATI SOC Specialist, provided numerous trainings and presentations across the United States and Canada on SOC and the wraparound process.  Provided extensive consultation on SOC implementation, wraparound training and program evaluation design to the Aboriginal Peoples Accord in British Columbia for the five regions of First Nation communities.

Sacred Child Project Director - United Tribes Technical College, 3315 University Drive, Bismarck, ND  58504                                September 98 – October 2003
Provided overall administration, supervision & oversight for a $1.3 million children's mental health demonstration project funded by DHHS SAMHSA Center for Mental Health Services to develop a System of Care for tribal children with serious emotional needs on each of the four ND reservations.  Developed policies & procedures, Memorandum of Agreements, purchase of service contracts, and other miscellaneous administrative procedures.  In partnership with Native American Training Institute and tribal sites, developed and implemented wraparound process & System of Care training and certification process for Medicaid reimbursement for targeted case management for children’s mental health on each of the four ND reservations.  Provided national & local training, workshop presentations, and technical assistance to tribal sites regarding System of Care development and tribal wraparound process.  Also provided overall program & fiscal management, budgeting, strategic planning, grant writing, policy development & analysis, and leadership for sustainability efforts.  Supervised twenty-four employees and administered & managed a $1 million program budget.  In 2008, the First Nations Behavioral Health Alliance named it one of ten Effective Practices for Behavioral Health in Indian country.

Sacred Child Project Evaluator - United Tribes Technical College, Sacred Child Project, 3315 University Drive, Bismarck, ND    58504                    January 98 - August 98

On-site evaluator for the Sacred Child Program.  Provided training & technical assistance to local tribal sites on the implementation of the mandated national evaluation; set up the local data collection process & protocols in partnership with the co-evaluator & data coordinators.  Conducted focus groups & provided focus group training to tribal service providers, assisted with the initial program implementation & start-up.  Reviewed national evaluation instruments for cultural competency; developed power-point presentations on evaluation issues, collected Native American socio-economic data from secondary sources, and assisted with overall project management.

Executive Director - ND Indian Affairs Commission, 600 E. Blvd. 1st Floor - Judicial Wing, ND State Capitol, Bismarck, ND 58501                    October 91 - December 97
Served as Cabinet member and Governor’s advisor on Indian affairs and state/tribal relationships.  Provided policy analysis & recommendations on a broad range of issues to include but not limited to human services, education, tourism, housing, economic development and labor/employment. Also drafted state legislation; provided testimony; facilitated state-tribal-federal relations; mediated state-tribal disputes; assisted with state-tribal negotiations for gaming, TANF, & State-Tribal Relations Accord; and advocated for Native American issues & individuals.  Facilitated state-tribal meetings; consensus building; problem-solving;  provided technical assistance and training to tribal staff on program planning, development, and grant writing; and the state & federal legislative process.  Provided cross-cultural awareness training for organizations working with Native American people, e.g.  history, culture. Indian Law, federal Indian policies & tribal sovereignty.  Organized, coordinated & initiated numerous forums, conferences and workshops to promote reservation community development and tribal self-determination.  Administered the statewide Native American Youth Alcohol Drug Education Program; wrote grants; reviewed state grant applications; served on numerous task forces & state committees to provide Native American perspective; and tracked state & federal legislation related to Native American issues.  Assisted with the establishment of the Tribal Children Services Coordinating Committees (tribal inter-agency planning bodies) and the Native American Training Institute (inter-tribal training body for children & family services).  Managed a $700,000 + budget and prepared state agency budget for the ND Indian Affairs Commission.  Assisted in writing and securing the Sacred Child Project, as System of Care cooperative agreement, funded by the DHS Center for Mental health Services.

Consultant Work:
Turtle Mountain Child Welfare & Family Services, Drafted & authored the 5 Year Child & Family Service Plan with input from the TM CWFS Director in May 2009.
DHS, ACF, Office of Family Assistance, Facilitated Tribal TANF-CW Coordination grantee meetings and provided individual technical assistance to three grantees on System of Care, wraparound,  strategic planning, employee development issues in Indian country, historical trauma or as specified by site in Jan. 2008 and May 2009.


Medicine Lodge Confederacy – Developed non-profit By-laws, Articles of Incorporation and   secured a 501 3(c) Non-Profit organization status in collaboration with colleague.
National Center for Children in Poverty – Assisted in identifying successful strategies for inclusion in a study “Unclaimed Children Revisited” regarding children who have experienced trauma at a convening of Roundtable of professionals who have work with child populations experiencing trauma.  The study included two of the programs which I formerly directed, the Medicine Moon Initiative and the Sacred Child Project in October 2007.
DHHS, Children’s Bureau – Presenter & consultant on System of Care in Tribal Communities 2007-08

Three Affiliated Tribes Circle of Life Alcohol Program, Project Northland – Served as the external project evaluator for a two year Youth Alcohol Prevention project.
Sitting Bull College, SR Vocational Rehabilitation Program – Assisted in exploring sustainability options, including Medicaid reimbursement for VR program in 2008.
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe – Wrote the SR Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention grant that was a successful grant in the amount of $900,000 over a three year period.  Assisted in the development of the SRST Suicide Task Force and securing emergency ND suicide prevention funds in 2004.

National Indian Child Welfare Association, Portland, OR  Provided wraparound process and System of Care training and presentations at various conferences and tribal sites as requested.
Casey Family Program, Denver, CO – Assisted the Three Affiliated Tribes Social Services in the development of their Five Year Child & Family Service Plan and Child Welfare Finance Handbook on IV-E and Medicaid in September and October 2003.
Native American Training Institute, Bismarck, ND - Wraparound trainer – Community Wraparound training for an association of First Nation Children & Family Services organizations in Sault St. Marie, Ontario – April 2002;  Research Consultant and Co-author of study, “Indian Child Welfare Act: A Pilot Study of Compliance in North Dakota – Oct. – December 2001; Wraparound Trainer – Community Wraparound Training at Pine Ridge Reservation, SD -  May 2001
Vroon & Vandenburg Associates, Denver, CO – Evaluator – Subcontract with State of MT to evaluate Child Welfare Waiver on Relative Care – April – May 2001
SAMHSA, Center for Mental Health Services, Rockville, MD – System of Care Consultant – Presentation of Basics of System of Care, CMHS Circle of Care new tribal grantees, Denver, CO – January 2002
Nagi Kicopi, Porcupine, SD – Wraparound Trainer – System of Care & wraparound training – February 2002
Legal Services of North Dakota – Community Affairs Consultant- Editor, ND Indian Law Update  Sept –Dec 88
Three Affiliated Tribes Head Start Program – Provided staff development & supervisor training for Head Start Staff in June 1987

Professional Skills, Abilities & Memberships

Public budgeting, fiscal management, fund accounting, contract & grant administration, grant writing, basic research & evaluation, marketing, public relations, cross-cultural relations, personnel , human service financing, management, organization & coordination skills, communications, training, project management, implementation strategies, community development, strategic planning, negotiation, mediation, and supervisory skills.  Keynote and Workshop Presentations provided at numerous conferences in the US and Canada. Past Board member for the First Nations Behavioral Health Alliance; former Committee member for United Way Special Projects; former Board of Directors member for Med Center One Hospital; former NATI Board of Directors founding member; and former Board Chairman of the Three Affiliated Tribes Museum.

Montana State University; Bozeman, MT; Educational Leadership doctoral coursework, 1991 - 92
Montana State University; Bozeman, MT; Master of Public Administration - August 1992
Central Oklahoma University; Edmond, OK; Bachelor of Business Administration - Mgmt.  August 1984