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Academy debut at 66th Annual NCAI Conference a great success

October 13, 1009

Palm Springs, CA - The Academy of Tribal & Local Government made its official debut today at the National Congress of American Indians’ 66th Annual Convention and Trade Show taking place at the Palm Springs Convention Center through October 16th. And by all accounts it was a great success.

More than 200 inquiries were submitted by tribal leaders and others from across the nation about the Academy’s diverse training programs, which are designed to address critical issues throughout Indian Country.

“We are genuinely thrilled with the level of interest we have created in just our first day,” stated Co-Founder and CEO Deron Marquez. “We are excited about developing customized programs that will deliver real results for tribal nations across the United States.”

The Academy provides tribes with long-term solutions to their unique economic, social and cultural needs, including building productive relationships with local and state governments, promoting better internal communications, and creating more efficient and responsive tribal governments.

Furthermore, the Academy brings its programs and a world-class faculty with more than 200 years of experience in Indian Country directly to the reservations, providing key insights and valuable solutions to a wide range of important tribal matters.

The Academy’s display is located at Booth #418 at the NCAI Convention and Trade Show Exhibitor Hall through Thursday. Academy staff and select faculty will be available to discuss the exciting things the Academy is doing for Indian Country.

For more information, please visit the Academy of Tribal & Local Government website at