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Dear Friends:

As the former chairman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, I have been deeply involved in issues facing Native Americans over the last two decades. In that time, I recognized three distinct issues that all tribes face daily: the need to improve local government relations; the need to educate employees and tribal members; and the need to ensure the integrity of current and potential business partners and vendors.   My experience in Native American issues has convinced me that the myriad of issues impacting Tribal and local governments can be resolved through communication and education.  

As such, I have co-founded The Academy of Tribal & Local Government.  The Academy offers solutions to all of these issues by offering fully customized training and education programs designed to help tribal governments foster productive long-term relationships with federal, state and local governments.

The Academy also focuses on the importance of internal communications by providing training in Tribal government and business management.  As Tribal employees are valuable ambassadors for tribal nations, we provide your employees with instruction about your Tribe’s history, culture, constitutions and law, giving them the background knowledge that is necessary to serve your Tribe effectively.

Our Tribal Management Certificate Program includes a wide range of courses including Indian law, government, history and culture, as well as business management, economic development and more. Our world renowned faculty customize training and education programs that address your specific local and regional needs. We also bring our expertise directly to your reservation, creating a comfortable, intimate learning environment.

Our world-class faculty includes experts in:  Tribal governments, political science, legal, history, Constitutional law, business management, economics, financial planning, media relations, community and public relations and other experts with 200 plus years of collective scholarly experience in Indian Country.

Finally, the ATLG Certified Vendor Program provides a certification program for anyone wishing to do business with Indian Country including Tribal governments, gaming operations and other businesses. The program offers vendors comprehensive training in Native American affairs, tribal government, sovereignty, Indian law, cultural sensitivity and more.   Vendors will undergo an extensive vetting process to ensure that their operations and officers are legitimate and able to serve the needs of tribal communities.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with any question or comments. I look forward to meeting with you in the future to discuss how the Academy may be able to assist your tribal nation.Deron-SM.jpg

Deron Marquez
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer